That Is Me

I really have no choice but to admit to this, as anyone who knows me well enough knows it's true. I am totally governed by my emotions and this causes me to behave in ways that may not always be welcomed by others. I cry, I shout, I get angry and I get carried away with things.
On the upside I feel deeply and I love with all my heart and soul. I try to make people smile and laugh when I can, but it isn't easy when your moods are so up and down. I feel at times that I push people away with my intensity and I understand I can be a bit of an acquired taste.
For this reason I find it hard to let others too close to me, for fear that I will push them away. Sometimes I keep myself isolated just to avoid becoming too emotional with people. I guess this is the reason behind a lot of my venting on EP. I can get worked up emotionally and nobody gets angry at me for it, or lectures me on emotional stability.
No matter all these flaws I know I should not try to hide this side of myself, it is just how I am. People can take it or leave it.
My main hope in all this is that someone will love me, all of me, including this mess.
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May 13, 2012