My Adoption Story

I knew from an early age that I wanted to be a mommy. Some people are born to do something and I was born to raise children and love them. When I miscarried my baby girl and lost my fiance to a car crash 2 years ago I was in a dark place. It was hard to pull myself out of the rut until I realized what I wanted out of my life about 6 months ago.

I knew that I needed someone to love and someone who depended on me. At first I tried to find someone who would get me pregnant, strings attached or not, and honestly haven't given that up yet either.

I work as a behavior analyst for kids with autism and also work in a youth home. Over a year ago, a baby boy was brought into our home because he had been taken away from his mom. He had nobody, belonged to nobody and I spent the next year bonding with him and loving him. I didn't even think about adoption until a friend of mine suggested that I make it official because I was basically his mom anyway.

Within a two month span I decided to adopt him and it was made official. On this past New Years Eve I picked up my little boy officially as his mommy from the home. He's the most incredible baby I've ever met. He's a compassionate and loving little snuggle bug.

I never saw adoption in my life but now that I have my son, it's feels like he's always been mine. Some people have asked what I'll tell him when he grows up and I honestly haven't figured that out yet because he was abused and taken away from his mom but I did decide to keep his first name the same as his biological mother chose which is Dominic but he now has my last name and we're a happy little family just the two of us. I think he can decide later on if he wants to keep the name is biological mom gave him or not.

Dominic will know he was adopted and the story of how he came to be mine. I never want him to forget where he comes from and how much I love him and what I went through to get him.

I love you Dominic Daniel <3

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3 Responses Jan 11, 2013

I can see the bright halo over you.You could be the great mother.

God bless you and your beautiful little boy, and all the best for the future!

Your Story made my day! Thank You. You are giving the best gift you could ever give ever to anyone -LOVE- , and in return you are recieving -LOVE-. You just saved two souls for the price of one. A life ,your sons life- will forever be changed for generations becouse of your gift of love. Thank you!