My Story......

i dont know if i am adopted or not i feel like the only one being hurt by my father and they seem to hate me, i feel so alone, when i was a kid my father used to hurt me back then i got a lot of Bruce in my body just for a simple mistake, and they dont do the same thing for my brother and sister and they said when u where the youngest u used to be the favorite, they usually do some harsh words againts me like your an idiot! and etc. some of those really affects my life and they are controlling me like poppet and this days that i am 17 now,i know what is the and wrong.... in fact my older brother used to call me an orphan when i was a kid this is not the whole story, this is just the trailer when we are going t base it in real life stoies
abrigorenz abrigorenz
Jan 23, 2013