I Was Adopted

I was adopted as a newborn and am thankful that my birthmother made the choice that she did.I grew up in a wonderful home with 2 older brothers.I am proud to say that I am adopted!My adopted mother was my REAL mother .To all you "parents" waiting for a child...keep the faith.It isn't about giving birth that makes you a parent,it is the love,laughter,life experiences,and I have lots.

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2 Responses Oct 3, 2008

Have u met your birth mom ? I am happy for u

I hope this was a sign from God that I ran into this message. I was just responding to missing and still loving my ex-wife even though I was the victim in the whole thing; she was bipolar, alcoholic, gotten her tubes tied before the marriage, and may have been unfaithful since after two months of our divorce being finalized, she remarried a man she went to Arkansas to visit once during our marriage and once during the separation period. Sorry I'm getting off track, but I am in the process of adopting on my own, praying to God that He make me a father to a child or two that He considers right for me. And the later on meet a woman who might love me and them as well. I do hear about how tough it can be, especially on my own, but I need to do this now, and there are so many children out there without permanent homes/families. Thank you for posting. You sound like great parents. God bless you.