My Precious Little Girl...

I have been blessed to adopt the most wonderful little girl in the world. She came to live with us when she was 2 months old. We were able to adopt her when she was 22 months old. I can't imagine a day without her as part of our family.

Many times people have said that she is lucky to have us. Well, she gives us more than we give her. I guess that makes us one lucky family.

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Such a nice story! I am a twin, we were adopted at 6 months old. Our adopted Mother loved us that way too. We were the youngest. Mom and Dad had 4 children of their own. I never knew there was any resentment. When Mom died at 78 we found out. In fact the day she died we found out. We were quickly signed out of the will and have had no contact with our long lost family. But I have many wonderful memories and our childhood was really nice! I am glad that there are people who can love and accept adopted children like their own. It is a wonderful gift of love!

I hope this was a sign from God that I ran into this message. I was just responding to missing and still loving my ex-wife even though I was the victim in the whole thing; she was bipolar, alcoholic, gotten her tubes tied before the marriage, and may have been unfaithful since after two months of our divorce being finalized, she remarried a man she went to Arkansas to visit once during our marriage and once during the separation period. Sorry I'm getting off track, but I am in the process of adopting on my own, praying to God that He make me a father to a child or two that He considers right for me. And the later on meet a woman who might love me and them as well. I do hear about how tough it can be, especially on my own, but I need to do this now, and there are so many children out there without permanent homes/families. Thank you for posting. You sound like great parents. God bless you.

It was a long, emotionally draining process. I wouldn't trade it because it brought my precious daughter. I woul encourage you to start the process and see if it is something you want to go through with.

hi thats brilliant me and my partner are wonting to adopt love i have 4 boys already and me and my partner are wonting a girl and think its a brilliant thing to do also if you dont mind me asking was it a long process thanks sam

I love this story. I foster too and one day we hope to adopt if and when the right child comes along.

That is nice.. :) good u have each other.

That's so beautiful! :) One of my favorite teachers in elementary school had an adopted daughter, and I remember the way she used to talk about her... there's no denying that love.

CONGRATULATIONS! How wonderful! You are all very lucky to have each other. I've always thought if I ever decided to become a parent I would adopt rather than have my own because there are so many kids who didn't choose to be born and have no one. It's so heartbraking. I had parents but when they divorced, and shortly before then even, I really didn't. They both decided to be free again and I ended up with my grandparents, one of which didn't like me around, so I know what it's like to feel abandoned and not wanted. It's really horrible and that's why I'm so glad there are people like you! Thank you!

Private adoption is insanely expensive. We adopted our daughter our of foster care so it wasn't finacially painful. It was very difficult to watch and wait and work within the system.

This is something I want to do so badly. I have two boys, and very much want a little girl. We're waiting now, trying to do research and save up some money.

Thanks. I hope that comes comes for you. I believe adoption is beautiful. As is exspected of a proud mom...there are pictures of my princess on on my profile page.

That's amazing. I can't wait for the day I get to adopt a child. :)