My First Pot Belly Pig

i got a 6 wk. old pot belly and he seemed fine until a couple days ago he started having trouble walking. he seems weak in his back legs and falls over on his side when he tries to walk. also he walks on his tippy-toes on his back feet and acts like he's in pain when i try to pick him up. he squeals real loud as if something hurts.I took him to a vet and she took a blood sample for glucose and it came back normal. We are limited as to how much we can spend so she just put him on clavamox and meloxicam and sent us home. now he has the runs ( probly from the antibiotic) and is no better as far as his legs go. He still eats good- I have him on mazuri pig food now. He acts pretty normal except for his walking. Does anyone have any ideas?
luvmychickens luvmychickens
Dec 16, 2012