I've recently adopted a stray male English Bull Terrier. He goes by the name "Doofus" but has since then been renamed to a different name of my choice, "Fondue".
Well... He is not exactly mine at the moment as he doesn't belong to me, but he has been reserved. The reason for this is that he is on a lot of medication at the moment.
The reason he was put up for adoption was because he was found as a stray & was found with both skin & eye problems which were of an unknown cause. [We think Doofus may have been a fighting dog before he was abandoned.] A lot of people who were considering adopting him were put off by his looks but I don't mind that at all!!
It was love at first sight when we first met each other though!! Lots of snuggles!!
KMargatroid KMargatroid
18-21, F
Aug 26, 2014