A Long Fight

I will not meantion names or place since we are still in the process of courts. No one understands where we are coming from or the hurt we are feeling.
It started in September of 2011. I found out that I was going to have to have a total hysterectomy because of uteran tumors. This heart broke my husband and myself since we had been trying so hard to have a family. We was doing foster care for our nephews at this time because they had been took by the state. After surgery we decided to go through the state and adopt. It was October 2011 when we got the most handsome little 3 year old we had ever seen. We immediatly fell in love! It was him and his older sister that was up for adoption. She was 5 at the time. We got him moved in and started the fight to get her moved in but for some reason the county DHS was making it hard on us. We did everything they asked us to do but still made everything difficult. I finally got tired of it and went over their heads. Come to find out that the county was lieing to the higher ups and saying we haven't requested anything about an adoption. Lucky for us I went back through my email and forwarded every email where we had contact about adoption. It took many more court proceedings but finally in Feb 2012 our beautiful little princess was moved in. By state law you have to have the children in your home for 6 months before you can sign the final adoption papers. April 2012 we could of signed the adoption papers on him but we wanted to make it special and sign the adoption papers on both of them at the same time which was scheduled August 2012. Finally our family was complete. Our babies fit right in with our family and us. It was like they was ours by birth! I can not discribe the love in our hearts. They both had numerous failed placements because they was overly hyper and aggressive. (I would be the same way if I had been through what they had in their short little lives!) All they needed was a stable home with lots of love and we gave them just that! We went on about our every day lives. Work, school, courts, you know, the normal. We promised them that they was not ever going anywhere else they was home to stay with us forever and ever!! Our little boy now 4 years old had been diagnosed with hyper activity disorder and man is he hyper! :) I wouldn't want him to be any other way though and refused to put him on medication. Now I remind you that we are not in the best standards with our county adoption worker because of the phone call made over thier head. That didn't set well with them but finally May 16, 2012 we got our adoption homestudy done. We was sooo super excited it was almost over, so we thought! Man was we WRONG! The evening we had our adoption after the people left and my husband was getting ready for work our little boy and him was playing. We have wood floors and our little boy had socks on. He took of running and slid into the fireplace busting his head open. I jumped up and grabbed him, took him and set him on the sink in the kitchen and began treating him. I am a CNA plus certified in CPR and first aide. After I got the blood cleaned off of him and observed it I could tell he needed nothing from the hospital because it was not deep or anything so I began the observation of a concussion which he had none. His fall did not slow him down any. Days went by and that next Friday I took him to therapy. I regret that appointment to this day. On a Tuesday, 6 days after his fall DHS popped up at my house and I remind you once again how they are already upset with me. Right of the bat they started just "picking" at stuff. For instance, the first thing out of their mouth was' "it's cold in here, if they start getting summer colds you will have to turn the air up." and our little girl just got a 6 week old ratteriar puppy for graduating kindergarten. As everyone knows puppies bite and chew. That's just what they do. Well they started saying our puppy needed rabbies shots. You can not get rabbied that young. Anyway, they started in about his head. I could tell they was trying to make a bigger deal out of his head then needed because I had done explained what happen and when but they wouldn't get off the subject so I could do nothing but think about protecting my kids and lied and told them I took him to the doctor. I felt they was there to take them and I HAD to protect my babies by any means nessasary! They finally left and they kids and myself got up and got ready because I was taking our boy to the doctor for an ear infection. He has had numerous ear infections. Really bad ears that has caused them to get tubes. The DHS worker that left our house called wanting proof of a doctor visit and I told her I would get it for her. We went on to the doctor. I had the doctor oberve his head since we was there and the doctor said, "by the looks of it, it didn't need medical attention at the time of occurance." At that time DHS busted in the room where we was and told me to go home they would take care of the rest of the appointment and bring the kids home later. After they drug my screaming little girl off my leg I left. I called my husband whom was working out of state and told him DHS had the kids so he packed up and drove 16 hours straight through. Our kids was not brought home that night, or the next night or the next. Matter of fact they still are not home to this day. DHS slapped medical neglect on me we went through an investigation and the investigation proved he did not need medical treatment so there was no medical neglect so DHS turned around and put physical abuse on me. This is absolutely crazy! I would NEVER hurt a baby! I love all kids!! We got a lawyer and we are fighting. The judge had ordered another investigation by a new set of eyes only to find out that the supervisior that signed off on the first investigation was our "new set of eyes" We have documents and pictures of injuries before his placement with us and after he was moved to a foster home. He still keeps getting hurt because he is so hyper but DHS is still refusing to send our babies home!
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This sounds crazy to me. Have you done any reasearch on reactive attachment disorder? Two of my adopted sons have this as well as fetal alchol syndrome, with my oldest he is very withdrawn and emotional, stares into space a lot but with his younger (bio) brother he is totally hyper, very very aggressive, freaks out in huge crowds or with changes in his routines. I understand that reactive attachment disorder is very common in adopted and fostered kids. Check out info from Dan hughs, Brian post and Nancy Thomas :o)