They Don't See The Suffering Inside Adopted People

Do you know what it's like to wake in the morning and look in the mirror every day wondering such things as why do I look this way or where did I come from.?Why do I feel the things I do? Why am I not with my parents? Why did my mom hurt me I was just a baby? Wondering if the teacher in front of the class could be a uncle? Never knowing who or what you are. Its an identity crisis. So if you don't know all these facts about who you are or where you came from or why people would do such hurtful things to you for no reason it tends to put you in this bubble for life. You never learn to love, trust, socialize, always feel out of place. Always feeling like everyone's eyes are on you and they are judging you all the time. Then society would rather help stray animals then us stray adoptees. Thanks for taking me away and throwing me where ever you felt like and never offering me any mental help or educational assistance. Thanks for making so many of us feel as if nobody cares what happens to us. This country needs to put more focus into the forgotten adoptees. Why do we not have more scholarships or funding programs to help with mental illness due to adoption. Its called reactive attachment disorder which is very similar to ptsd. So a 5 year old with reactive attachment disorder doesn't deserve the same psychological services that a veteran of war would receive. The military wouldn't accept me with my mental conditions. I can't receive job training or education due to them either. Well I didn't sign up to be adopted and certainly wasn't capable of understanding bad things happen. Its disorders like this that have kept me from receiving psychological help and educational help. Nobody cares about what happens to us. Oh you were adopted into a good loving family. Guess what its not my family. I have nightmare too. but yet there is no v.a for me. Don't get me wrong our service members deserve so much more then what they get, but so do the children that have no choice in what happens to them. This country so far has proven it would rather take care of displaced children from other countries then try to make more programs readily available to adopted people in the U.S.A. When will we realize there are hundreds of thousands of children that need help and deserve a fair shot at life. enough with the ranting just frustrated to see so many of us forgotten by others.,
sickboy73 sickboy73
36-40, M
Sep 19, 2012