I Am Completely In Love.. With A Book Series.

I love A Song of Ice and Fire. I`m obsessed. I can`t get enough of it. Game of Thrones was reaaaally good which I`m surprised of. I love the cast and I love the books. I`m done all the books, I started reading them a few years ago. The drama, people, and world drew me in right away and I have honestly never loved anything, object wise, as much as I love this book series.
When people watch GoT and say they love it, but won`t read the books, I get really annoyed and defensive of it. A guy from work was talking about how he wants to start watching it, and I was trying to convince him to read it because of it`s amazing-ness, and he responded with, `I don`t read`.
My heart broke a little.
This book series deserves to be read. It`s amazing and one-of-a-kind. GRRM made a world, characters, languages, and races that seem so real that I can`t stop re-reading the books or re-watching the movies.
UUgggh, it`s so good. I`m completely in love.
I can`t wait til the next book comes out, which will probably be a while.. :(

TheSmellOfWinter TheSmellOfWinter
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1 Response May 17, 2012

Yeah the books and the series are absolutely fantastic.