My Anal Virgin 2

This is a follow on to My Anal Virgin 1. If you haven't read that yet, you should give it a read.

To continue on, my girfriend/wife to be had told me after our first experience that it was "OK" and something we could do "once in a while". Believe me I was very happy that she wasn't turned off or thought it was too painful or uncomfortable to do again. I could be quite satisfied doing it once in a while.

The next few times we did anal I noticed that she was becoming more realxed and receptive. I took it easy and always entered and ****** her in the "spoon" position. The next step would be getting a little more aggresive and trying a different position. One night I entered her from the spoon position as usual and as my **** was entering she moved a little and pushed back to me to help my **** go in. I took that as a "signal" .I ****** her much more aggressively. Pumpimg harder than I normally did. She responded by pushing her *** back into me to meet my thrusts. I could tell she was into it and rolled her over on to her belly with me on top. I proceded to **** her steadily and hard and once again she seemed to be really excited and enjoying it. My next move was to wisper in her ear "spread your cheeks". She immediately reached back and spread them wide as I lifted up and drove my **** home. She gasped as my **** went deeper than ever before. I asked if she was ok and she nodded yes. I couldn't last any longer and soon shot my load deep into her rectum.

We just layed there a while as she snuggled up and put her head on my chest. I asked her if she liked what I did to her. She told me it was exciting as she felt dominated in that position and felt she totally gave herself/submited to me. I felt the same way as it is very dominating for a man to do anal in that position.

Stay tuned for chapter 3.
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Wonderful. She's now on her way to need anal at every ****.