I Love When A Girl Does My ***

When I was 17 it was the first time i was with a girl we were laying in her bed parents away for the weekend she started her head up my skirt I was horny and could resist she began licking best oral I had ever had a guy could never do it that well. She asked me if i had expierenced anal which I had with 3 guys one guy a monster **** thought I'd never do anal again. But she coaxed me into it and she started eating my *** I loved it she pulled out a 6 inch pink vibrator and slammed my ***** with it she said ready for the best ****** you've ever had and pulled out an about 8 inch ***** sucked it and slowly began into my ***. She had me squiting in seconds. I returned the favor and ate her *****, ever since cannot get over a girl doing me with a strap on.
bearbutt91 bearbutt91
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OH god! Like guys too?

Very Hot experience. Thanks for sharing

My first anal was when I was 14 with my friends mom

Hot story!

MMmmmmmm So hot !!!

Now this is a great time... Glad for you...

I'd love watch that!

I need to try this!

Sounds hot to me!!

I did the same thing with a bunch of girls instead of guys

That would be so cool

That is one hell of a hot story darling

Great story, I would love to share that with you

Wow. That is hot!!!

Yes, it is true, it IS an awesome experience when a girl does your *** with a strap on!!!

Enjoy!!! :)

Have you ever had a man **** you in the *** and then tell you to hold your cheeks open so he could watch the *** leak from your hole

Nothing wrong with that my dear. Just get all you can and enjoy yourself.

Hot and sexy story. Sounds like you are hooked on anal.Would love to leave you with a load of hot *** for your girl to eat out and then **** you again with her *****.

Only like anal with women

my girlfriend would love you!!!

Love to meet her

That was just "creamy." Loved the FF sharing.

wow hot story

Show me you wife

does sound like a great evening

How delicious. You should spread the word

Absolutely beautiful i would so love to be a girl lol

Cutter message me sometime well talk about it

I would love to do that to u

Lets go babe

sooooooo sexy !!! its bc you have been with all the wrong guys or should I say boys. Sorry i was one of those boys but now looking back I dont know what I was doing ... lol haha

yeah, Sorry IDK what i thought i read ... Sorry lol but Id still say you need to be with a man. Like myself ;-)

THat's not so! THe last thing BearButt needs is a man. SUggest a two-ended dildoe---much more versitile. Love Noelle

you might have me on the versatility. but not on being able to use it ;-) all i am saying is there is nothing like the real thing !!! I know how to use the real thing soooo we are gooood to go ;-)

Are you a man?