I Love Anal.

My current gf is not in *** play at all. This as disappointing as my ex wife loved and still does love anal. This is a story about a recent encounter with the ex.

My ex and I have had a different relationship after we divorced. With a child together we have maintained a very close knit relationship. So close we have exchanged text's of what most would call and inappropriate nature since i am now engaged. This has all been in good fun and our sex life was not the reason we split. I loved ******* her and still do.

She has spent the last 2 years away at school. While away this last year we would chat about things here and there. One chat turned to sexting. What I found out is that she did not have many suitors when she came home to visit as I thought she did. Turns our she only would have a chance to have sex once or twice in her several week stay home. And she got it even less at school. More by choice there though.

She is a fan of anal. I would loose several fingers in her *** when we were together every time we had sex. This led to her taking me balls deep in her tight *** as well. It was a dream. The tightness is unmatched. And she would *** so hard.

This past summer she finally go home from school from out of state. I made a few off hand references of how good she looked and that she still had a spell over me sexually. One day i get a text asking if had to go straight home after i dropped our son off at her place. I said "no". She asked if I wanted to be "Inappropriate". I could not text back yes fast enough. I gathered my things. Got my son in the car and headed to her place.

She asked me to help move a small matress upstairs. Once we got up to the room she sat down and said. Lets do this. We got completely naked and got to see her fat **** again for the first time in several years. Her ***** was almost completely hardwood. My **** was so hard it hurt. I stated sucking on her **** first then made my way down to her her *****. I loved eating it and i knew she loved it too. I would lick from her **** down to her *******. Drilling my tongue in each hole every time i passed. Once i got her to nearly *** I moved up and drilled my **** deep in her wet *****. As we were ******* she reached into a box and pulled out her toys. She pulled out a butt plug and lubed it up. She slid it in her *** as I pounded away at her *****.

As we ****** she asked me if i wanted to **** her ***. She did not have to tell me twice. I pulled my throbbing **** out of her *** and squirted it with lube. Lifted her legs up and aimed for her tight ***. I slowly slide the head of my **** in and i could feel her tight *** milking my ****.

Slowly I worked my **** in balls deep. She started to moan and pinch her now super hard nipples. I started to sledgehammer her *** as it became used to my **** filling it up. It did not take her long to *** really hard. I had been concentrating on not ******* so hard I could not get myself to *** in her tight ***. But it is an experience I will replay in my head over and over again. But with me blasting my huge load deep in her ***.

I loved ******* her *** and playing with it. It is one of my favorite things to do.
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awesome story!!

Thanks. I love her *** so much. It is my cryptonite.

That's a hot story.