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Most women, when they get married or into a long-term relationship, want stability in their emotional and sex lives first of all. What most of them don't realize, though, is that vaginal sex, the famous «marital duty» which is also the best way to have children, is verty quickly becoming routine and boring for most men. Particularly when, after its early tightness, the vagina gets slacker, with births and, quite simply, aging. This is of course one of the main reasons why men in their 40s and 50s will look for tighter, younger females as mistresses or second wives. The only way to keep your man is to offer early and regularly the orifice in your body that is not only softer and deeper than your ****, but stays tight through life, providing what your man needs when having sex with you: tightness and a strong, powerful ******. So offer your «second» orifice early, and make sure he gets a lot of it. It may be sore at first, but you'll be pretty sure to keep your man longer...and it gives your sex a slighly naughty and much more intimate feeling, which keeps you a lot closer. Ladies, get ****** in the ***!
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Let's put it this way...a slightly sore ******* for a little while is better than the aggravation of being cheated on and fighting about it...and gives you a hold on your man for a long, long are deeply grateful to wives who open their buttholes and rectums to them...Plus, if she's still fertile, no need for contraceptives...

Obviously you don't count yourself as the vulnerable female. Nobody forces y to have anal sex. And sorry, but I'm clean and so is my ****. No hiv, std...and where the hell do y find hpv in anal sex?

Fine with me. Get ****** by men who don't like anal sex. You're not in my crowd, and obviously not in a lot of other people's, male or female. Tightass. For your info, I'm usuallybottom in male-male anal sex, and enjoy it fully...

My wife and I have done this (anal sex) on and off. Just had one last night.
It is different and the different to both of us probably adds to the sexiness or our relationship.

So what is the steps, my husband is a lot older, humm is that why he married me. I was very young and just turned 21 when we got married. We have had several kids and I would love to be back tight.

You can do exercises with plastic balls to tighten your vagina, but if he wants a really tight ****, the rectum is the only way. Once you're used to it you'll feel him better in there as well. And you'll be glad to offer him your most intimate hole.

How dare you sit there and say we should take it up the *** just so you can be happy. To hell with just the mans needs! It's a two was street, we BOTH need to be satisfied!
You go on about how we get slack after babies and age. Well what about you men? Your penis shrinks with age and if you have put on a lot of extra pounds abdominal fat all but buries the penis.
So, maybe we should look for a younger man because your penis that was once 6 inches is now 5-5/12 inches....If a man is truly a man and loves his wife he isn't gonna go looking elsewhere just because she said no to getting *** ******!

O yeah. I sure expected some comments with this tone. Well...quite a lot of women these days indeed find younger lovers to get satisfied. It may not be pleasant to be told you get looser and slacker with age...but it is unfortunately as true as the fact that our penises get softer with age.

...and a good number of them have looser sphincters and start wetting their pants, which is largely due to lack of muscle tone...because of aging.

If a man is truly a man and while he can enjoy a rock hard **** he's going to need the orifice he likes - if he can't get it at home he'll find it somewhere else, which doesn't mean he doesn't «love» his wife. But obviously she doesn't «love» him as much. Sex and love are two different things.

Now that's what I told my lady....Several times!
But women sell themselves as sex machines at first,then they begin to transform into wives,without being invited....Saying things like "Oh god,no-one has ever ****** me like that.....I think I love you!"......and that's the tiny clue that years later you realize that you were never in love at all,it was her ***** that you loved.....then the owner starts nagging for no particular reason,her ***** has the same expression of her lips when she's nagging,then a young fresh face smiles at you in the street,and when you finally get to taste the same vertical smile,the warm smell of hot bubbling randy *****,the soft whimpers of her muffled voice as she clamps her hands over her mouth as you delicately place your **** into that pink gift...........the wife is always hurrying you up,or talking about her sister's dog's collar's price....and how she had to drive 150 miles to get the right model and colour.......but that little round buttock is looming in you face,her breasts stay where you leave them,her mouth opens before you lean in to kiss.........and her anus my friend,is simply offered as a French waiter would offer you a dessert.....a simple formality!

But I do agree that some women as they get older are better than the younger ones......maybe invite the young girl over and have her lick your wife's *****,then you can **** the tiny anus of the girl and watch her give pleasure to your wife!!!

Man...wouldn't that be wonderful!

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