I Love Anal

im a married man and i love it when my wife says do you want anal sex tonight my **** gets so hard just thinking about it and then she gets the ***** out and ***** the *** off me wow it is good but now i think that i would like to try haveing a real **** up my *** and fell someones balls banging on my bum
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It is the best. my ex girl friend would get off so much watch another guy **** me, she would suck both our ***** at the same time and then start licking my ******* and guiding it in spreading my cheeks and sucking my **** until I unloaded in her mouth then he would pull out and shoot his load on her face

my x would sometimes finger me in the *** while sucking my ****, I ******* loved it. one day she asked me if I would let her watch another guy **** me. Little did she know this had been a fantacy of mine for years...getting ****** bi a guy and sucked bi a girl...omg the ******* best

i love giving anal sex to my husband he loves me to thrust him hard we have tried different strap-ons and he now wants to have the real thing

it really turns me on thinking about him getting a good pounding would love to join in

yes go for it

My wife enjoys "doing me" with a *****. She isn't into sex much these days. When she does get the urge she gets totally turned on and starts to spoon hump me. Next comes the "toy". We use a 6 inch silicone lifelike ***** with a suction cup base. She, in the beginning has to hold it in place with her hands on top of her pubic bone. After I get some natural lube going and I get loosened up back there she doesn't have to hold onto it. That's when she gets really turned on and starts to hump me with the *****. It slides out some and she humps it back in. What a great feeling it is as she holds onto my shoulders with her hands while driving it into me. When I can't take it anymore and I'm getting close, I try to keep it in me and kneel in front of her and explode. What an ******! I just wish she was into it more often. I would love to do it every night. Anyone else into this type of anal play?

right on dude, love to you and wife.

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