I f*cked a sexy woman in the derrière last night. It was amazing stretching her hole.
The End.
cheesenbread cheesenbread
70+, M
5 Responses Aug 17, 2014

She may have been my wife.

That is the only way I like it

Too bad there was quid pro quo with her then doing you and stretching your hole with a strap-on. That gives an amazing feeling too!

No thanks. I'm not interested in the 'return favour'.

LOL, at 70+ he would take whatever he gets.

lucky man!


We tried last night but it just wouldn't go in. Tried this morning and for some reason it did. I kept on taking my 'mister' out and looking at the gape I had made. I wanted to c*m so many times when I did that but I held on. Although I Only lasted about 15 mins...lol.
The release was exquisite...and the main thing is that she enjoyed it too.