A guy who sees me now and then stopped by yesterday afternoon. He is normally just up for a quick BJ, always willing to do it for him...we have a bit of electricity between us and quite forceful.

He never indicated any interest in anal, but I have been quite clear that he is welcome inside me anytime. He is someone I fantasize about frequently.

Anyway, he showed up looked at me, we kissed and he said "bedroom"...we went to bed, we snuggled and he told me "I wanna F$$K you today...slid off my shorts and my god it was sOOOO arousing, we chatted a bit, I gave him a Viagra and asked him to stay a few hours...

Told him to be relentless, no limits, god he is good
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5 Responses Aug 17, 2014

You are a lucky gurl makes me jealous

Just looked at the date on this,,,it has been two months since I have had it that way...dry spell...I am so ready

Oh my just came in my panties you are so lucky babe xxxxxx

You lucky gurl.xxx

MMMMMMMMMMMMM baby you did it just the way I love doing it awesome

I texted him this morning...want him bad !!

I hope he comes over or you go to him and get what you want and need. It is so good to have them inside you deep and to feel them pulse while they are inside you.