I'm scared to try it. I'm afraid that people will find out my secret. But I crave it sometimes, like a real sissy would. I wonder what being taken control of and penetrated would really feel like. To be dressed up for a real man or other crossdresser and to be appreciated for the way I looked in lingerie or nylons or a fancy dress. To have my body felt up and down And my butt grabbed. I wonder what It would be like to be treated like a woman and crave the touch of another man or sissy. I wonder how it would be to be undressed and expose something sexy I wore on purpose. I'm completely straight but sometimes I truly crave ****. And I wonder, just what it would be like if I was on the bottom for once. I know it was a long and silly fantasy but thx for reading :*
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I am able to enjoy giving and receiving anal, to me its such a deep erotic connection

I love to give anal sex, it is great!

You should do it, it is great!!!! I always clean myself out really well so don't have to worry about a mess. I had my first real **** when I was 13 and have been in love with it ever since:)

If you are thinking about it this much/often then you probably should just try it. I know for me that I crave anal play quite often and my wife enjoys doing it. We have toys and a strap on that she's worn a few times. For me that's enough. I don't want a man, but I do like my needs being fulfilled by her. I can dress sexy, be felt up and feel desired by her and appreciated so all the check boxes are met with my wife. But different strokes for different folks; if being with a guy is what you want/need then go for it.

Have you done it with a ***** or anything?

Read above in the comments. Of course!!

it is soooo wonderful when done well

How wonderful!

I love this story. You should try it, I'm in the same boat as you except I'm my wife knows it and she's all in. I'm afraid once I feel the real thing I would probably enjoy it just as I do my toys. Thanks for sharing I say go for it it's just sex why does it have to be labelled

Why don't you try a toy first to see if you like it.

I have. And I love it. That scares me, I have a feeling that once I tried it for real id crave it all the time.

It feels good. I've only done it a few times, but I liked it very much.

I mean I've simulated it with household objects and such. So I know it must feel great. I just wonder how it feels to have someone finish inside of you. I bet you're addicted to it then

I think about it all the time...you won't be sorry.

But I normally like women.. I'm so lost. If I do nobody can find out!

Me too! I go out of town for it. I love women, too. Some times, I just like to feel like one.

Yes I'd have to say you will get hooked Toys are fun for getting to know what you like but it's a rush when you are in someone else's command and let go to do what you feel like in the moment I have had wonderful experiences with tgirls and now I just crave to be with them every chance I get :)

This has been known to happen ;-)

You won't really stop thinking about it regardless...

You already have the idea in your head
You already experimented with toys, and like it!
By your admission you are a CD

Just admit it, and give it a try...

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