"adore" Is The Correct Word To Describe How I Feel About Anal Sex

Since I discovered that my little hole back there could give me so much pleasure, my excitement towards anything related there just grew more and more.

I love everything around it. 

The sheer feeling of fullness, that my ***** will never have.

Being vulnerable and humiliated, feeling just like an animal when I ****** there.

The mix of pain and pleasure.  And so much pleasure.  I long for anal penetration, sometimes I am so hungry for it and I beg.

I keep my hole there clean at all times.  I always wash there after I go, putting my finger deep inside, remove any remains.

Since I like to suck a **** that was in my ***, for me, it's the total form of giving myself, of preparing my body to be used, and used until the end.

I like anal toys, such as beads, butt plugs.  I like to play with my anus when I **********, like round circles around my ***** and my back hole at the same time.   I put my fingers there and lick, and I am slutty and warm.

But most, I like to be ****** in the ***.  To feel the strokes, the pounds, the *** in me.

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"I keep my hole there clean at all times."

... the key to gourmet an*l sex. Yes, I have my ritual too, and I go through it each time I have to use it for that, too.

I love this post. I think all women would do anal if they knew the powerful anal ******* they could have. I have been with women who won't even entertain the idea, and those that love anal. The ones who love anal know how pleasurable it can be. I love the feel of my tip penetrating past the anus, and the tightness. My compliments, madam.

I think you caught most of my attraction to an*l sex..... ;),

Even for a male, anal touching can wonderful! I know what it's like to have the greasy nozzle go in my bottom for an enema, so I can only guess what it's like for a **** to go in a womans butt!!! YEA! lets hear it for anal sex! yamman1

Ive become a fan of the *** play. Im waiting for a toy to arrive. I love to rim,finger,**** *** and now im beginning to like the recieve. Self pleasuring only so far apart from the odd finger from past female lovers. Looking forward to trying the real deal. Wish me luck

Stunning Story

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Wow. hot and sexy . what a generous willing lover you are ! i love to *** in my gf's hot *** while she squirts all over me . nothing compares . growl xo peter

I wish I was ******* that *** would love to watch you suck my **** clean in the middle and end and maybe a few in between

awesome post!

So now you know the bliss of being filled up with **** in your butt! Join the club and enjoy yourself! love and hugs

I sooooo love it in my arse

mmmmmm I can relate to this sounds just like me. I love having my ***** ****** but there is just nothing like a hard thick **** stretching your tight arsehole till you think you will burst. Pushing it in harder and deeper while I'm screaming for him to "**** my arse, **** my arse" Also love toys, anal beads, butt plugs, vibe and even my duo balls, meant for your ***** but they feel amazing in my arse. And rubbing my **** with something in my arse when I need to do it myself.......wow

I was with a girl years ago that did exactly that...in fact it was the best way for here to *** ... and then she would suck it when I finished and she said the same thing as you..a total and complete form of giving...

Very Hot. Especially as you described "begging for it".

Thanks :-)

When my arse is teased till I'm horny I beg for it....... so amazing

Doesn't it make you even more horny when you start begging??

i would love to play with your *** with my tongue, fingers and ****, its great to hear you love *** to mouth to. i love to have things in my *** to

I love it, it is an fantastic feeling to feel something up your back door and the same time have the oral for the ****.<br />
First ime I had it with a couple she sucked my **** while he stuck his **** up my anus, what a feeling.<br />
I love anal toys like butt plugs, beads, vibrators. It's fantastic

my bf and i love anal sex to me i think anal is bertter then making love forward .. i would love doing it dogging style , and i enjoy the pleasureof his **** going in and out of me there are time i want it fast and harder. i have done another friend with a ******* and we loved that also ....

is anybody here who want to get ****??

get with me sista, we have to talk about pumping that *******.

I do adore a lady that can take it in the *** ,you are special and it is such a wonderful feeling for a male to have .

yoou describe it so perfectly... i'm 100% with you on this!

I love anal play both giving and receiving. I can only imagine what it's like for a woman but there is no greater thrill, for me anyway, is getting a wet sloppy blow job with her having a couple of fingers or a toy in my ***.

Man can't tell the true. If the woman likes it or if she is doing to please him....I am a woman and i can tell....YOU really love it...so do I....xoxo

I didn't do anal sex .....<br />
May you tell how you feel in details as i wonder what is the pleasure in this.<br />
But as Like women I would do if you asked me ... ;)

u give us ur deeply feelings , and that's great to hear , u have a true submissive soul which is great for u indeed

My wife too! Would love to have you both together!

My wife had never done anal until we did our first mfm, to my surprise she allowed the other guy to be the first man to ever **** her virgin ***. She claims that when we Dp her that her ******* are the most explosive ******* that she has ever had.

Good answer! :)

Sometimes I prefer anal to vaginal. Sometimes I prefer vaginal. Sometimes I prefer giving oral and no penetration. Sometimes I prefer to ********** and no penetration. Sometimes I prefer to be exposed with no stimulation. Sometimes ... :-)

i love anal,my wife and I have only done it a cpl times.after 21 yrs of marrage.I don`t even get regular sex now.If anyone wants some give me a yell,lol.I need some bad.

God you are amazing.. are you in the DC area by any chance? :) If you are email me viipottaja2 at hotmail dot com

i luv what you wrote,,i do it my self

so sexual...

i love it too i love the feeling of intamasy

Mmm, love to read others stories of how they love anal sex, giving or receiving. I for one love anal play.

Oh my goodness, I'm in love. I need a woman that feels the way that the author of the story feels.

My wife is an anal virgin. Well almost. She did let me in once, but I guess that I was a little to eager, and she backed out.<br />
Her well hung black lover has now talked her into letting him take her virginity. Given his track record with her I gather that he will do a good job. She has agreed and the thought is the source of many an ****** these days. I cant wait untill she describes the experience to me.

my girlfriend really enjoys anal sex and its good to hear other people give me insight on how she really feels. i think she enjoys anal more than regular sex. i love hearing her *** when pounding her butt.

Our little group (six of us) all love anal.

I feeling Of HOT *** pumping into you anus has no equal, oh maybe the spill as the overflow as it oozes from your cracked is new to that pleasure.

I couldn't have said it better myself. You'd be surprised at how many women are turned off my men that enjoy that very same thing. Bi Switch, best of all worlds :-)

Wow, thank you all for your comments! I'm lucky to get so much support from you :-)

I can definitely relate.