Pure Pleasure!!

I love the way he ***** me in the ***.  He starts by slowly licking my back door, sticking the tip of his tongue gently into my hole, then adds one finger then another getting me ready for the pure delight of having his **** deep inside me.  He then starts to lube me up so he can slide his large **** in me. I love the way I feel as the stokes of his tool are pentrating deep inside me, the pleasure and the pain at the same time nothing can describe the excitment I get while he is deep inside my ***, feeling him move in and out of me, taking it all the way out and then ramming it back into my willing ***. This is the greatest way to ******. Just knowing he is going to unleash his hot load inside me willing *** gets me even more aroused, I will always squirt my ***** juices all over his hot **** as he is ******* inside me.  It has been to long since he has done this to me and I cant wait for him to get home from overseas. This is one of my nightly dreams and I am soaking wet now just thinking about his **** in my ***.    

jennybean333 jennybean333
46-50, F
6 Responses Mar 13, 2010

that was incredibly horny, thanks

Mmmmm!!! You just made me rock hard with this post!!! I'm soo with you on the love of anal!!! I love it and am sad you are missing it! Wish I could help! ;)

He's a lucky guy and he shouldn't leave you alone so long.

Our circle (6 people) loves anal. We just make sure the lady is well lube and apply some to the man and be very gentle and slow upon initial insertion. ENJOY!

the best way to ****; nice written

Love it Baby! it won't be long now!