My Sillimilli

If i had my way i would have a houseful of animals but my landlord wont let me have any. i already had my budgie and there was no way that i was going to find her a new home, so she came with me but he dosnt know. she has a split personality, when its bedtime she thinks that she is a bat and sleeps upside down, hanging off her perch. if she is in a good mood then ill get a kiss off her but at times she will just blank me. her name was originally milli but ive always called her silly and im sure that you all will of noticed thats my user name. at the minute i think shes on a mission to kill herself because she has a mi irror with a perch on it and she is determend to get through the gapbut keeps getting stuck and hurting herself, still goes back for more..
I love all kinds, even down to the creepy crawlies. I must admit that ill not touch them but i will save them from dying by getting them in a glass and putting them were they will be safe..
I am also a member of the rspb, my favourite bird are the birds of pray but hate seeing what they do to the little birds..
My hubby hates it because if i see a friendly dog then i always have to stop and stroke ot so our journey alwaus takes longet than he thinks.:)
sillimilli sillimilli
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Sorry about the spelling mistakes, touchscreen phones can be a pain in the backside at times but i love my phone too.. :)