Is That A J-Horror DVD Or A Book?

My next book cover might end up looking like a DVD case to a J-Horror film. For those of you who may be wondering, J-Horror stands for Japanese Horror and it's the phrase used to describe most horror films that come out of Japan these days.

Why is that you may ask? It's mainly due to the fact that Lin Wu is partially inspired by my recent interest in the genre. My first real experience with J-Horror was when the first Grudge film came out in 2005. Once I saw that film, I became interested in the J-Horror style of storytelling. Since then I've seen several films that have left me wondering. The Whispering Corridor series from Korea, the Tokyo Terror Tales series, the Tomie films, as well as other well know J-Horror films.

One thing always stood out to me while watching those films. Many of the characters were spiffily dressed school girls sporting stylish uniforms. The impression I got was that they were brave yet intelligent at the same time. The heroines themselves often being school girls out to solve mysteries, or at least, survive until the end of the film.

Now I know what you might be thinking if you're already familiar with the genre, Lin Wu encounters tons of scary ghosts with long black hair, just waiting to ****** her up, as they make blood curdling screeches deep-down inside their throats. If you were thinking that, you'd be barking up the wrong tree. Lin Wu is more thriller oriented by nature with a little mystery thrown in. However, in "The Lin Wu Chronicles Senior Year," she'll be enrolled in a private school sporting a spiffy uniform in some of her adventures. Guess where that inspiration comes from? It's also there that we find out a little more about Lin's past, before she heads off to UC Davis.

One form of feedback I received after getting early reviews on my first book, was that people would like to read more about Lin Wu. Some wanted to know more about her early background, while others felt the first chronicle was too short. I'd have to agree with them on both counts. It was my first book, I self-published it and my knowledge of how the business worked back then was next to nil.

But is there really a market out there for a character like Lin Wu? Perhaps, but she's still in her infancy stage right now, so in time, I may have a better answer for you. But one thing is clear, you should write what you know and do the best that you can at it. This is what I know, this is how I feel led to write and Lin Wu's world keeps knocking on my door, so I can't help but walk over to it and let her in.

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paclark paclark
May 5, 2012