I Just Love Them

I am so attracted by asians.. It°s like when I see a normal guy I say ..ok I like him.. But when I see an asian guy it°s like the fire inside of me gets on.. .I go crazy .. O_O..inside of me -.-°..Or if I see a guy that have something that looks like an asian guy it°s the same ..-.-°..why do I get crazy about them? T^T ..
Jigoku Jigoku
18-21, F
4 Responses Sep 15, 2012

Umm I have no clue why I just sent that... I must be read really tired haha!

Hahaha thats good! Are they attracted to u also? My best friend is an asian guy and he liked me : and that sucked but now we are best friends again ;D maybe u should date him haha

Hahaha sorry I never responded!!! Oopsies!!!!! x) no, they aren't, sadly :/
I have Asian friends, but we don't talk anymore :( mostly because we don't go to the same shool anymore and we just drifted apart

haha oh my gosh! same here!!!! like i see some guy who isnt asian and i'm like he's okay, but then i say any asain person and i'm like OH MY GOSH! I WANT TO BE THEIR BEST FRIEND!!!!! and i cant stop smiling! :)

Hahahaha I know right?! Asssiiiiaaannnn guys <3