I hate when people talk about how much they love Asians or how cute and exotic we are. We're not here to make you look cool or adventurous and definitely don't want to be treated like dolls. We also are not all the same person or act the same way. We aren't here to please you so stop acting like it!
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Not all who are attracted are like that. Its simply a preference. there is nothing wrong with a genuine attraction. i cant stand messages like these, but respect your right to say it. Yet it just seems like it comes from un-appreciation of a simple compliment. When it more then likely is just that. Bc real men who say it. Know and understand nobody are dolls and here for what you said. Just a input from a different point of view. Another truth to this matter in case you have not taken this into account. There are way to tell if someone is genuine and just complimenting you with saying this or, just doing as you claim. You can always tell by action in how they treat you.

i find asian women much more attractive than most women. you're not here to be idolized - same as everyone else. HOWEVER my preference happens to b with asian women.

if that upsets you, the fact I find asian women more attractive, maybe you should take a closer look at yourself dear.

I'm more talking about people who are like 'awww I wish I was asian!' Or 'asian people are so cute!' Or treat us like we're some sort of pop culture object... I don't have issues with people being more attracted to a certain group of people it's the ones who want to be friends with us just bc they think it'd be fashionable to have an asian friend or something

yeah that's not right. you're not an object as far as I know.