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Now, of course I want England to win the World Cup. Come on England, etc. If and most likely when that dosn't happen, my default second team is always Holland. Their concept of 'total football' captivated me in the 70's. This is the way football should be played, on the ground, with your feet, with every player feeling comfortable with the ball, and able to be interchangable. This is when football becomes art. This is when football becomes 'The Beautiful Game'.
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Australia have been improving steadily down the years, and as for Manchester City, well, my kindred, they will probably be overtaking my beloved Liverpool FC into the 'Big 4' of the Premiership next season, the title will follow soon and the Champions League to boot, whilst Liverpool slip into are just going to have to comfort me ;-) xx

I am following Australia and England. To think, until I fell in love with "The Citizens" (Manchester City FC), I didn't give a toss about sport! :)

Deepset, yes, England do struggle to find a style, and if they do it in this World Cup, it will be by accident.<br />
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I also agree that, as important as winning is, football is ultimately nothing if it doesn't produce beauty. This is what drew me in in the first place.

Brian Clough was right about tht. Thts why England are still struggling with themselves to find a momentum in their game.<br />
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mizzen123- World Cup means nothing if we dont like football. and football means nothing if there is no beautiful football produced ( thts wht im thought) no offense to any football supporters xD<br />

You have a didgeredoo, how fabulous is that! I'd love to have a go at one sometime! Yes, I've heard and seen the vuvuzela on tv:) Not tried it yet. I'll have to look out to see if Ipswich sell them, haha! You know what, I cannot wait for the World Cup!

Yebo Baba! as they say here! It's bright yellow and I am very mellifluous on the thing, even if I say so myself! But I've managed to master a shofar (my Jewish roots are showing!!!) and a digiriedoo (i have brothers and cousins and soon, a son and grandsons in Australia) so a vuvuzela was child's play! Have you seen one? Tried it? I'm sure you've head them!<br />
I look forward to the beautiful game being shown on all our TV channels! Have a ball Mizzen! X@

hehe, sweet, you would console me, being an England fan, we need consoling on a regular basis, haha!<br />
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Cabcraft, sadly, I'm not going to be able to go, work and money :( It will be great for you to have all this lovely football to see, with Spain (relatively) just down the road! Not that I'm going green with envy or anything, haha! Really, though, you are in for a treat, and hopefully it will lead to a surge in popularity for South African football! Have you got a vuvuzela horn? x

Soooo, the important question is: are you coming to my beautiful country to watch the beautiful game? If so where will you be based?<br />
The only footy I've watched was when my sons played in primary school. However, I intend watching many games in these 4 weeks! I love sport, so I'm sure this will soon be added to the list. The Spanish team will be based only 50kms from me, and the town is looking fabulous! Most SA cars are sporting flag covers on their mirrors, flags flying from everywhere in the body, windows, etc, Zakumi, the mascot is hanging from the rear view mirrors, Soccer fever is BIG!<br />
Yay! World cup 2010! X@

hehe, I will have to persuade you to watch, sweet ;-) I'd love to be in an Amsterdam bar, amongst the orange shirts, as long as it's not against England, haha!

hehe, thank you, I do, don't I? ;-) I do love watching Holland play, and one day they will win the World Cup!

I love all things French ;-), and I worship the ground that Zinedine Zidane walks on. I think Portugal and Argentina are two teams, who after struggling to qualify, could go mighty close. <br />
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Hope Mexico do well for you, Eric S, but not tonight!<br />
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Yes, any team can adopt the concept of total football. Why most don't comes down to expediency. They do not possess the pla<x>yers to do it, but it's lovely when they do. Brian Clough once said "If the game was meant to be played in the air, He would have put grass in the sky".

The concept for 'total football' can be seen in any team that have instill the culture of play with a ball possession and develop the game. Holland team nowadays are far from the great team of Johan Cryuff and co. Well yes its a shame not to have many teams playing like that anymore today. Either football was our own passion or not its not the question, it is how we define the art of football in context of blissful and enjoyment that make a difference. Everyone can play beautiful football if they know the right way and embraced the idea.

Viva Mexico!

hehe Elf!<br />
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I used to like France, I really rated them before the 98 World Cup, then there, they played amazingly. But Portugal...a little edgier than Spain and Italy

I'm sure they are! I'm off to watch England - Mexico. The beautiful game? ;-0

The balls of my feet are beautiful I have been told<br />

They are another team that play the game the right way, save for Ronaldo's worst excesses (though he is still a sublime pla<x>yer, for all that), but Holland mesmerised me, showed how the game could be played, with Johan Cruyff, Jonny Rep, Johan Neeskens and the rest. Shame they cocked it up. Still, the memories!

Ooo no, for me it's Portugal