My Bettie Page Original

A huge accomplishment I made this year is adding an original Bettie Page to my collection. I purchased it from my cousin's shop, she had it on consignment from the famous fetish photographer Eric Kroll! It is a gorgeous piece that I am proud to own!!!!!
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as a woman, have you fantasized being her? have you carried out any of that fantasy/ boudoir photography is readily available.

n i c e

What a treasure! lucky you! Wish you many more collectibles! going to check your pic's if you posted it!

That is VERY cool; nice acquisition! I love Bettie Page. Hold onto it :-)

That's very special - WOW!

It is very special, and I have Eric's signature that it is an authentic Bettie Page. I love it!

Cool. Have you posted a picture of it?

I really need to, haven't gotten around to it. You'll be the first to know!

I would appreciate that.

Me too; that would be fun to see. I think she is fabulous.

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I'm glad you were able to add to your collection. A picture of it on your profile would be nice, I'd love to see it:-)

I most certainly will post one!