I absolutely love the way my body looks in a bikini. The way the swimsuit shows off my curves is sexy to me. I've always loved the free feeling bikini's give me ever since I was taken to the beach by my family. In my teens, however, I started to enjoy bikini's for other reasons. Due to my large breasts and plump butt I would receive a great deal of attention at local pools, spas, and beaches. Knowing that people lusted over my body really turns me on. Shopping with my daughter with new swimsuits is also a sexy experience. We go to the store and find a large changing room where we both ***** naked and try on various suits. It's almost like a mini fashion show. Bikini's are also so very comfortable to were around the house on lazy days.

The picture attached is of me in one of my favorite bikinis I purchased this summer. It has a black top with a matching bottom. I love the way this bikini accentuates my busty figure. How about you?
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You are beautiful and very sexy.

I love that pic to. Mmmm very nice I'd love to see more.

Yes hun you truly do look beautiful in your bikini, thanks so much for sharing. You have another admirer. :)

I love your bikini top. It really shows off your big girls nicely. I would love to see your whole bikini showing all of your sexy curves.

Yes very nice.

what a total babe.. gorgeous.. is your daughter busty as well

You look great in your bikini and it's extremely sexy that you like to show off your great curvy body.


do you mind if I just sit here and let my imagination tell me more about you

Oo so nice. Mmm please add me

Damn, you make that top look good! ;)

Shows off your girls nicely

Wow... looks great on u .love looking at curves

Oh my God! Your huge **** turn me on. Please add me. ;)

Mmmm nice. Let's see more

So very HOT!!!

I Love it Baby & it would be nice to see U in it standing uo so we can see all of U . & how old is U'r daughter & how big R her BooBs ? Show some pics of her aswell , Thanks Sexy !!

Oh yes, very nice

It looks great! Do continue to wear and enjoy you bikinis, especially as you get older.

I also luv the way it accentuates your busty figure ; ) mmm

OMG I love all this


Oh my goodness yes! If you need help shopping just let me know! I'll even help you get into your new suits ;) lol

That looks spectacular!! And it looks like there's no protruding wires or other supportive devices built into it either. :-) All the better for letting the girls bounce and sway freely.

Absolutely love your bust!

looks good to me :)

you do look good in your bikini : )