Back To School As A Girl

I was a boy age 15 when I left school, my sister cathy, was 13 and on weekends used to help mum out at her hairdressing saloon, oneday mum said to me she wished cathy could help her out full time as she is good in what she does, I said yes but she don't leave school for another two years, mum said she could if I took her place at school, how could I do that mum I said she is a girl and Im a boy I said, well, she replied, your twins, about the same height and build, you both have long hair so you could dress like your sister and take her place in school and use her name and you told me that you liked school anyway, please Danny, cathy said, it would only be for two years you would have to be a girl then you could go back to being a boy and it would help mum out a lot, Well ok I said just for mum, great mum said and told cathy to fetch down her clothes so they could dress me in them to see how I looked. So mum told me to take off all my clothes and dressed me in cathys panties, school skirt and blouse and school blazer, mum did my hair the same as cathys and you could hardly tell us apart and the next day mum took me to cathys school and they really thought I was a girl. The other girls thought I was cathy and thats how I became a schoolgirl. I really dont mind as it means I get extra schooling and I quite like being around girls even though I have to act as a girl all the time and even after school and on weekends Im dressed and treated as a girl and as mum says, after two years I may not what to be a boy again as I would be used to wearing girls clothes and would have made many girl freinds by then and she is proberly right, mum has tought me how to put on my own make-up, how to walk and talk like a girl and I have even been kissed by a boy so maybe it was right to agree to take cathys place as a girl, lets put it this way, I have no regrets and as cathys says, I will proberly grow up to be a fine young lady.

danella555 danella555
13-15, M
8 Responses May 13, 2012

A perfect mum. You were right to be a girl 24/7.

Well done Danella. You were really good as a schoolgirl I am sure
I hope that lots of boys will want to become good little schoolgirls like you

Great story.

wow! What a life you had!

Great schoolboy/girl story.

Danella, enjoy the experiences and go with your heart. You seem like a fine person, young lady or young man. Be happy with yourself.

Sounds like you really enjoyed dressing as a girl.