The Day I Became A Girl.

Just wait till I get you home boy Ill teach you for swearing, this is the last time you are ever going to be a boy, mum said,  from now on you are going to be a little girl, now lets go shoping you will need some new clothes so lets start with some dainty frilly knickers and a training bra for you and you will need some pretty little girl dresses and perhaps some skirts and girls blouse to go with them, oh yes, and some pretty lased ankle socks with mary jane strap on shoes then we will go and have your hair styled like a little 8 year old girl, your going to look such a cute little girl when im finnished with you so you can never be a boy again, now no little girl is complete without her dolly so lets go and get you one and a dolls pram too.
You will need some pretty bows to tie up the pigtails in your hair, your going to love being a girl danella sweety, give mummy a hug my little girl.
now go and play dollys with the little girls next door then I will take you to your bally lessons and you can show mummy how well my little girl dances, oh sweetypie I bet you hated being a boy  but never mind, your my little girl now and always will be, dont you simply adore your pretty dress and dainty knickers darling, mummy told you that you would love being a girl and playing with all the other little girls didnt I angel ,but remember danella, little girls get spanked too if your naughty I could soon take your panties down to spank your little bottom even if we are in the park then all the boys would see you get a spanking. 
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13-15, M
2 Responses May 21, 2012

The best mum you could ever have . My mum was great but I wish that she could have been as strict as yours. She was right to give you no choice. I know that you are thankful to her for that.

That is how I would have loved my life to have worked out! Shame real life is so difrent!