The Day I Became A Girl, Part Two

now that my Son Danella has become a cute little girl Im sending him to his freind Tina, 8th birthday party, I have bought him a wonderfull party dress for it its got losts of pretty frills on the sleeves and hem and it is all white and has matching panties, he has pink scrunchies that will go with  the bows I put in his hair that match the frills on his ankle socks, he will carry his little pink purce that holds money for his sweetys. They will play girly games togeather like skiping and hopscotch but will have to be carefull not to show his little sweet knickers. He has thanked me for making him a little girl and has told me he loves being a girl because he likes being pretty  and to play with his dolls with other little girls and I have told him that he will always be my little girl from now on as mummy likes to dress him as a pretty girl and watch him play with his dollies like a good little girl. 
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

What a great story. I hope that you are still as happy to be a really girly girl . That's what I love being too

A delightful story, so dreamy.