I Love Pastel Colored Lingeriie

I do love to wear pastel colors of plus size lingerie. But today the usual colors available are black and beige/nude.  I have found nylon full cut panties through the EP community from a business in Michigan.  I ordered blue and pink nylon panties.

The plus sized slips I've bought have been black, beige or white.  There are custom shops on the web but aren't they expensive?  As are the vintage clothing stores.  Well, just have to keep looking.

I like to shop in thrift stores and consignment stores.  You just never know what will be there the next time you visit.  Just need to be diligent.
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slips anymore are pretty much only available in black, beige, white and occasionally pink.

I found a lacy pink slip at Woman Within and had to order one a couple of months ago. Otherwise it's white and black and occasionally beige,

you can also try hanky panky .com there you can also buy personalized

Trying to find panties in pretty colors is a chore! Every store has the same panties and boring colors! I found a lady who accent my panties with lace and ribbon with cute bows. I wear full cut briefs most of the time. Go for her to turn them into rumba panties.

Is she local to the St. Louis area?

Yes she does honey.

They must be lovely.

You should try looking on Fresh Pair. com as there are plenty of panties and bras at a reasonable price.

I've foun
d limited colors in my size bras. The panties are neasier to find in many lors. Thank-you for t
he website information.