The Change From Night To Day Is Really Only Hours...

I first heard "Telephone Line" in an Adam Sandler movie...maybe The Waterboy...and I had to know who sang that song. Luckily, I was flipping through my parents' vinyl and found ELO's Greatest Hits with "Telephone Line" on it. I was instantly hooked. In my mind, "Out of The Blue" is one of the top ten greatest rock albums of all time. Jeff paints a lyrical picture in each of his songs that is so tangible, so real, yet utterly whimsical all at the same time. He is truly both a master wordsmith and instrumental maestro. His arrangements are breathtaking. Today's music just can't compete with Jeff...and most of his contemporaries couldn't either. Every song strikes a chord with me. He expresses romance in a way that no other songsmith ever has for me. Especially with songs like "Starlight" and "Nightrider". He's truly a musical magician. ELO is music created to be a soundtrack for magic. Pure and simple.

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I love "Big Wheels" and "Thunder and Lightening", as well as "wild west hero" *hugs* j

Few albums get me in the mood for taking on the world like ELO's "On the Third Day". Although their "El Dorado" album comes in a close second, to hear "Daybreaker," "New World Rising," "Ocean Breakup/King of the Universe," "Dreaming of 4000" and, especially, "In the Hall of the Mountain King," is to really feel the strength and fury of prog rock.

I've always loved ELO, but my best friend lived and ate ELO. He took his own life, and since then I just can't listen to them anymore. But they are one hell of a band. and I agree with mejoe, the Traveling Wilburys rock!!