Feisty Is Awesome...

What girl doesn't love a challenge?  I like a guy that is a bit of a handful and somewhat non-compliant.. Keeps you on yer toes and keeps yer attention..  Who wants a yes maam kinda guy, one that just rolls over for you or agrees with everything..? That's boring...  So yes feisty is awesome...

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35 Responses Apr 21, 2009

Goodnight...<br />
lol xxxx

Good Night beautiful.

Ok.. I'll stop pouting.. lol<br />
<br />
Have fun with yer girl... She's lucky...<br />
<br />
Ok....<br />
Goodnight and get some rest..<br />
Will talk to ya soon..

Because clearly, ugly feisty guys are just plain creepy.<br />
<br />
Wait. Could this be the reason every woman I meet calls me creepy?<br />
Nah. Impossible.

Awww don't pout.....lol<br />
<br />
We are leaving not this weekend but next weekend for 3 days riding and camping.<br />
<br />
I have my brother to do chore's for me so I can do the father daughter get away.<br />
<br />
I have to go to bed beautiful girl.<br />
<br />
I am so tired tonight.<br />
<br />
Was a long day today.

That's great... :) me too...<br />
<br />
That sounds awesome... :) very spontaineous... I love that... I wanna go.... Hmmmm... really really do....!<br />
<br />
Sounds like you have a blast... I've always wanted to do stuff like that... Sounds like sooo much fun and a great time.. Hmmmm *folds arms and pouts*

Ya I have my streaks where I am well as you could say not know what the hell I am doing next.<br />
<br />
My daughter knows that I come home and tell her to get the horses in and we load up and leave for 2 to 5 days or so camping and riding.<br />
<br />
WE go to the bob marshal wilderness packing with horses and camp in a new spot every night and we have run across to grizzley's.

Omg...<br />
The same goes here..<br />
I act on impulse..<br />
I see it, do it, and then laugh about it..<br />
<br />
The mud could be fun...lol<br />
Yer comin' with though..<br />
have swam in the mud before.. Hilarious.. and walked all the way home.. caked and crusty.. lol<br />
<br />
You can tackle me all you want.. lol<br />
I love that..<br />
and whatever comes next... hehhe<br />
<br />
I will just know to watch my back with you around...<br />
Makes for great fun...

I never no myself what I am doing till I do it.<br />
<br />
I could throw you over my shoulder and carry you to the mud and throw you in.<br />
<br />
I could tackle you and pull your boots off.<br />
<br />
And pull your socks off.<br />
<br />
And pull your ***** off.<br />
<br />
and pull your **** off. lol

Yeppers.. lol<br />
That is most definitley what I want...<br />
Keep me on my toes and laughin' at the same time...<br />
Sounds great.. I like it when I don't know what's comin' next... lol My guy would expect the same from me too...

Ok you want a fiesty guy that will throw your azz in the creek and throw you in the bed or pull you off your horse and into tall green grass and hmm well we no what happens next.

Ha... lol..<br />
Thanx for clarifying that for me...<br />
Yes.... CUTE, feisty guys.... xx

Correction: You adore CUTE, feisty guys.

Yep I am.. lol *winks and nods head*... Us naughty girls gotta stick together... <br />
<br />
I do have long legs.. lol... :)))<br />
I wear alot of short shorts during the summer.. ;)<br />
*smiles big and winks* as I ride by...

Oh really? You naughty girl, you. *gives you the secret handshake for naughty girls* <br />
<br />
I bet you do have great legs with your height! Perfect for daisys. hehe<br />
*staring as you gallop by*

yep... ;) lol I like him.. If you couldn't tell.. lol<br />
<br />
I have sooo worn that... lol It gets hot ridin'... lol<br />
So my short shorts and my boots... :) I felt sexy.. lol<br />
*winks and pinches u*... I have great legs.. lol

Which one? The one I just made friends with? <br />
<br />
Ya, you could wear your boots and some daisy dukes and saunter in, to that song. That would be so hot! *wink*

Same here.. Treat me right and I will do the same.. Otherwise watch out.. lol Like the song "These boots are made for walkin"....<br />
<br />
*grins and bear hugs you*<br />
<br />
So you saw the new cowboy???? Random question... lol

Haha That's right. Like dynamite. You better handle me with care or I might blow up in your face! LMAO<br />
<br />
*looking over at you with eyes twinkling*

Hehehe.. yer tiny.. But got alot of fight.. Abig things come in small packages.. lol Like dynamite.. lol<br />
*nodding approval*... Girl yer alot like me.. Love it... :)

Exactly! I'm only 5'2 and 118 pounds. If you can't man up to that then you're a *****! LOL *puts hands on hips and stands proud*

Yep.. That's my take on it too.. I'm thin and my ex couldn't even throw me on the bed.. Ughh I hate that..<br />
Oh ya.. A man that ain't afraid to step up to me and tell me what's what.. Otherwise I'll walk all over him.. Boring... lol *smiles* *high fives you back then snaps fingers*..

If you can't make me feel soft, small, and feminine, then see ya! LOL<br />
<br />
But I also don't want a man who puts up with my ****! Show me your a man and make me feel like a woman. Lol *high fives you*

Yep it does... :)))<br />
Exactly.. I want a real man.. One that acts like a man and make me feel like a woman, not a girl.. *grins at you and winks*.. You got it girly...

Hell to the ya! It makes for some smokin hot sex! We don't want little boys, we need full grown, manly men that aren't afraid to take charge! *looking over at you with a knowing wink*

For reals.. lol *rolls eyes* ;)<br />
Oh ya... I love to fight for what I want.. Makes it all the better.. Oh and the sex... hehehe We are real women and not afraid of goin' after what we want.. ;) *grinnin' like mad*..

More like we couldn't hang with them. We would get too bored! Lol<br />
<br />
We crave excitement and a challenge. It makes the prize all the sweeter when you have to fight for it. *rubbing my hands together with glee*

Ummm I dunno if that qualifies.. I'm thinkin' more along the lines of ohnery... ;)<br />
<br />
Winter.. me too.. girly.. A typically nice guy couldn't hang with me or you I reckon... lol

Now yer talkin'... lol I love a man like that.. The kind that don't give a damn.. Just cares about me... :)

I agree. You would have to be feisty to keep up with me anyway! hehe

And is feisty enough not to care if the room service dude gets an eyeful of his bare *** when he brings in the tray...

Ha... lol<br />
For sure... That's an exception... :)

I like a man who rolls over.... me. To order room service.

Lol... hehe..<br />
Not surprised to see you pop up..lol<br />
*cracks a whip at dedre*...