Especially scandinavian movies. I adore the director Lukas Moodysson. His movies are so hopeful and still sad. And in the end it's just beautiful without being kitchy...

But the best movie from Scandinavia I ever saw is Elling. It's wonderful.

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Oh my gosh, I loved this film too. What a beautiful story about friendship.

ah Lukas Moodysson. love him

ah Lukas Moodysson. love him

Elling isn't made by Moodysson... Or the other films Believer mentions.. You know, there is more than one scandinavian director... <br />
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I think that most Norwegian films suck, maybe because I am Norwegian, but there are some great Swedish and Danish films.. Elling is good, did you know that Elling's director, Petter Næss, is the director of the film Mozart and the Whale?

I haven't seen Elling myself, but I love Moodyssons films. especially 'tillsammans' I think it was translated 'together' but I'm not quite sure---

I loved Elling, too. Did he make that film about the people who watched other people in their kitchens? Also loved that one. If he made Pippi Longstocking ... I'm not going to say I loved those. :)

well, elling is really great. such a finny movie and great actors. but if you see lilya 4-ever ... it's completely different from moodysson's usual movies. but still good.

I have 'lilya 4 ever' in my netflix que, may check out another of his if I like it. I haven't seen elling but it sounds great - I just added it to my list and am bumping it up to the top.