My favorite niece does it regularly, before I do the laundry I released my share in her bed.
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hey. i would love to be friends with you. how are you?
add me?

hey add and message me please

I'll have to see your profile pic then. Have a selfie! I will only add people that I can see their face :)

Anywayyy, gotta go have a bath, later! Abt 30mins, can you wait?

I'll show you a pic of me if you add me. You have kik??

No, wth is kik?!

Yeah sure, you have kik?? So you can message me when your out

A messenger app on phones

Never heard of. Nvm then we'll start talking after my shower.


You have snapchat or Skype??

None. Sorry!


You need to pee now??

Nope, I'm dry and empty.


Just added. Let's have some private talking shall we?

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love it

Would love to join you alone and experience some bedvwetting together.

Please message me

In front of her? How old is she

13 going-on 14, Scorpio

What did she think when you did it

She was like giving me that 'Wut you wet beds?!' face, because its quite true no one has ever seen me soiling beds other than my boyfriend.

Does she do it on purpose or does she have an accident issue

On purpose, like me but less intense wettings.

majorly on the bed, although i've seen her wet her pants in front of me on purpose.

her mother(also my sis) would mind and may kick me out of her house. So i wouldnt go too far.

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