No doubt about it. The smell of spices just tempts you each time something is getting cooked and no matter how much you resist you still get drawn towards it.

it's become all the more difficult not to adore it especially if you have been eating it since you are born.

But then if there are disadvantage to eating it too. Overbooked stuff, deep fried irresistible stuff which can be bad for your health & not to mention the awesome sweets which are so damn sweet that eating them too much equals to gaining huge weights and a nice pot belly which would be hard to lose no matter how much exercises you do..

But there are still some things which you cannot live without especially when you have been eating them for years and years.. so the only way to continue to adore such stuff is by staying healthy and staying fit and exercising more...
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Indian cuisine is always spicy right? and the smell is so strong too.

not always it depends on the dish you plan to eat

I have dined with my former boss and friend in Indian restaurants when I was out of the country and the cuisines were always spicy but yeah, delicious...though am not really into too much spice.

I can understand that. It's probably an acquired taste..

I meant overcooked stuff and not overbooked.. damn the autocorrect in phones