They Make Me Melt :)

Really i like everything about Ireland in general.. I get this great feeling even hearing the name... IRELAND.. haha

I love Irish accents, i love the way Irish men are built.. They seem so much more romantic than boring normal american guys.
I want to be married to an Irish guy i can take care of.. Where he'll come home drunk rammblin' on about how he love's me..
One that says "shite!" instead of ****... and " kiss my ars!" instead of ***... HAHA!!

It really sounds corny.. i just don't know why i adore them so much. i just do... :)  <3
rikkiraccoon rikkiraccoon
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2 Responses Jun 13, 2012

Ha ha tats wat i lik to hear <br />
and u dnt mind me talking shite or rambling on after a few drinks<br />
<br />
i tink irish dont realise how lucky they are lol

i'd love for you to talk shite and ramble on. haha :)

xD haha indeed