My Tribute To You.

I am sitting here in the silence of morning thinking about what you are to me and I realize that you mean the world to me. There are so many things I truly admire about you as a person, as my friend, and oh so much more. 

You don’t give up. You are a fighter. You may get down but you are never out. I love that about you. Even though that means you don’t give up on the little arguments we have and you always have to win, that also means you don’t give up on the important things either. I love that about you.  You have a smile that lights up my soul. When I see it, it makes me melt inside. I love that about you.

You are the nicest person I’ve ever met. I bet it comes from your parents. I can tell by the way you talk about your dad that he is a typical Italian family man that helped make you the man you are today.  I love when you talk about your family and the restaurant especially.  I can tell they are good people. You truly care about others and will take the time to help someone in need no questions asked. You are my role model. I love that about you.

You are simple, yet complex. There is the outer layer that is easy to read and understand – that makes someone fall in love with you quickly. Then there’s that inner layer that keeps someone compelled to keep coming back for more and more, enjoying the journey of discovering the rest of you. I love that about you. You are cute in all the moments, even when you aren’t trying to be. Even when you are acting all tough it is quite sexy on you. You don’t even realize that you are a very handsome man.  I love all these things about you too.

You are picky as hell about the smallest things sometimes, especially protocol, and I know that I refer to you as “Mr. Anal” sometimes but I mean it respectfully. And while I don’t understand it all the time, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Changing that would be changing you – and I’d like to keep you just the way you are because…Yes, I even love that about you.

You help me grow as a person. You refuse to let me stagnate. I tend to relax into things very easily and become complacent. You have kept me on the ball and are helping me become a better person. I love that about you.

I have more respect for you than anyone will ever have for me. You have weathered so many bumpy roads already, for which I admire you so much. You keep me grounded in  the "real life" view when I have my head in the clouds. You remind me of family and love when I need it the most. I love that about you.

Most of all I love that I met you because I had given up on ever finding someone that would understand who I am completely and accept me for that unconditionally.  I love you for that too.



fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
46-50, F
Mar 1, 2010