Been A Long Time

i have been happily married to the same woman for 22yrs now she is the only woman who i still let see me when i cross dress for a while now. when we were younger she had a friend that we used to hang out with a lot, one night i talked her into letting her friend see me in a pair of suntan sheer to the waist legs pantyhose and a pair of red silk shorts that barely covered my big balls and ****, it wasn't long before her friends hands were caressing my smooth shaved legs and the three of us had my nights of me pleasing and satisfying them both
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you should have her dress you up and then go out in public for a walk together, evening time , in a dress and heels , a major thrill awaits !

You are so fortunate to have such an understanding and accepting wife. Many cross dressers do not have that support and are compelled to closet their love of dressing in lingerie, feminine clothing, stockings and shoes. And to have the arrangement you experienced with your wife and her friend is the ultimate joy.
Thank you for sharing your story.

Really, you're still discovering yourself. I have sex with women too but sometimes you need the real stuff in you to really experience sex to it's fullest. How do you know if you never tried it. You sound like a old drag queen.

not much older than you and I have more than once didn't realy do it for me sorry

So you saying you had d-ck in you? Did you ride it? or was it a piece of plastic shape like a d-ck. It's a big diffeerence. Why be a woman? Why not have your wife dress sexy instead of puting her through a drag queen's fantasy? Please help me it appeal...most ladies can't dress to full-fill fantasies. It's a big reason why striaght guys hit on me because I like dress sexy.

no plastic her girl friend is by and they like it what more to say than that i like the way pantyhose feel on my legs and ****


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