I've been wanting to cross dress in public but I don't know much about make up or looks. I just started getting into dresses and want to know more. I'd like to meet a few female friends or other cross dressers.
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YouTube.com is where to go. Search for cross dress makeup, dressing etc.

Timoi has given you a great start. Wonderful advice. If you want to be out in the world as a woman or girl, dress like a girl, do your makeup like a girl, act like a girl, talk like a girl. It's actually fun to observe girls not for how pretty they are and what cute things they do, but to discover how they use clothing, hair and makeup to look that pretty. And how they do things. It's different from guys. Observe well and you'll enter the wonderful world of women. It's an experience far better than just putting on panties and wishing you were a woman.

If you want more info, message me.

I crossdress on a fairly regular basis (I listed my gender as trans but it's more male who likes to crossdress). My advice, as far as make up goes, try going for a 'natural' kind of tone, and minimize use of makeup that isn't natural looking (Use a base coat and powder, a bit of natural tone blush, mascara, a lipstick in red-pink tones, some lip gloss) If you want any chance at passing, IGNORE ADVICE FROM DRAG QUEENS. Yes drag queens can teach you plenty about makeup but it is a completely different style than what you want to do to if you want to pass in regular public environments. Yes drag queen style make up can be great, but it also tends to be fairly obvious. Go to a good make up store and ask them for advice. Don't be shy. Walking girly is also a skill I too often see ignored. I've gone to events while wearing female clothing where the people running the event, knowing me well, came up to me and said they were asked by someone if it would be ok for them to crossdress at these events in the future, they were not sure because they couldn't see anyone who seemed to be crossdressing.

Also, there are many youtube videos that can help you with makeup.

Thank you for the advice on the make up. As for walking girly I'll give it a try but not sure if I can pull it off. I was in an atv wreck caused by someone else. It ended up shattering my tiba bone in 7 places and a twisted ankle. So I got a screw in my knee now on top of my twisted ankle so it makes me walk a bit funny.

Is there any way to cover up facial hair. Even after a close shave it's quite noticeable.

Thanks. I'll have a go.

That depends on your skin transparency and beard color. For some it can be a problem. There are products that cover very well. One that comes to mind is Dermablend. With this product you can cover your face completely with no show through of facial hair. From there you can use your normal foundation to do your makeup.

The process takes a little while and you have to remove it at the end of the day.

I ended up doing electrolysis to get rid of my facial hair. It's the best by far, but it takes time, money and it hurts.

Thanks slipgirl. Like your avatar.

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I'm saying your creepy basically, you were born a man so be one!

if you don't like what people do then why don't you simply ignore it and let the person be?

That's your opinion. I will live my life however I choose.

Do you not think that's bit weird mate, look at poor frank maloney the man has lost plot altogether lol


Just do it and you will free yourself, few will comment and ridicule.

I am trying to do that but I'm doing it slowly if someone I know has something bad to say I'm not going to care to much about it.

Well I'm not much for fancy fashion or make up but go on YouTube the global hub for how to videos

I know YouTube would have videos but I'd feel better to have people to talk to about it