So Many Words When It Comes To You.

He makes me feel incredible inside and out.  He took a chance on me, and I am so grateful he did.  I know this is just the start of a beautiful journey, but I think this is a journey I want to ride upon, and one I have been waiting for.  I want to share my dreams with you, and want you to share yours.  I want to be your push, your inspiration.  I want to say so much more, but do not want to scare you away.  

Looking forward to a month from now when we meet again.  Where I get to see your wonderful state, and you take me on adventures that you and I will be enjoying together.  TOGETHER.  I like that term when it comes to you and me.  

What can I say?  I'm crazy about you.   

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2 Responses Feb 17, 2010

Wow. Speechless!

*giggles* NICE!!