You Don't Have To Prove Anything

I like to have a good meaningful converations with male friends. Have ALWAYS loved this. To get a man's point of view on a subject. Some of them have have been deep discussions. I have met men who have tried OVERLY hard to impress me. You don't have to do that to impress me. I really like to get to know a man on the inside. Sometimes i really get intrigued by a man and want him to keep talking. I like for a man to have confidence in himself and a good sense of humor.
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Have I been impressive, enough? ;-)

Of course, honey! you always make me laugh! Always such a sweetheart! MMUUAAAHHHH!!!!!!

MMMUUUAAAHHH!!! :-* I LOVE my Sweetheart! LOVE it when we laugh together- we ALWAYS feel good, and have such good times! :-D

Never a dull moment!

I want for our love to be sooo sweet and true that dull moments happen ONLY when we want to sleep at night! ;-)

we'll work on that so that we'll never bwe bored!

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Sooooo this is why you're so quiet with me today!

MOI? Quiet? Never at a loss for words, you KNOW THIS!!!! HAHAHA!