Because He Is Adorable!

Heehee! Another boyfriend story! XD

But, I had to join this group, because it's true! I really do adore my boyfriend lots! His name is Todd, but I just like calling him Momo a lot! It makes him even more adorable! But it confuses the crap out of everyone. I could be sitting with family and saying "Todd" and then the next moment, "Momo" will slip out. Then I get frowns of, "Who's Momo?!" LOL! And they're all disappointed, because they think I'm cheating on the poor guy with some weird guy named Momo! And then I have to wave my arms and say, "No! It's Todd! I just call him Momo!" =p

And then... there is an attitude of.... "Okay... he lets you call him that, does he?" As if I'm being mean to the guy! NO! I would stop if he asked me to. But I like the nickname. It reminds me of the anime, "Samurai Champloo". There is a pretty girl named Fuu and she has a pet squirrel named Momo, who lives in her dress. If it was possible, Momo could live in my dress! Heehee! :-D

So, I go around singing "Momo! Momo!" a lot of times. XD

Geeky? Yes, very! =p

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Feb 19, 2009