She Is The Best Thing To Happen To Me!

My daughter is the one thing that saved my life i never wanted kids im mean l loved children but i didnt want any!  So anyway my mother passed away july-18th-2007 from a long battle with enphazema well at 1st it was like i was in shock but about 3mons later i just got depressed real bad didnt want to do anything well in febuary i found out i was pregnant and at 1st i was devistated but then i got used to the fact i was having a baby and everything changed! My daughter is 21months old now and she is what i live for she is amazing and rotten all in one iv always been told that their is no love like love for a child well you never really know that love until you have one of your own!  I hate that my mother never got to see her and hold her but im sure she is with her everyday whatching over her!
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Hi Im new to this sight and I Love my Daughter with all my heart. She just turned 17 this month and she is the reason I"M alive! I am very depressed "But" she keeps me going. We have a very open relationship there is not a day that goes by that we don"t say we love eachother! Please enjoy your precious one because they grow up too fast! Thanks for sharing your story. Anto815