My Daughter Brought Me Tears Of Joy Coming From My Heart

At birth of my daughter, I saw she needed my help, or there could have been all the possibilities of her being confind to a wheel chair, but from the voice I heard the one who connected with me from thought, I heard the answers to the fix of her problem, I acted upon what i believed to be true, and changed the destiny of my daughters life. What a proud moment I have cherished for all my years to come. I have written a blog about this experiencehere at EP you can read the full story, its quite long with not enough room here to tell.

I do want to add here what I have been teaching my daughter, my son, and thier friends.
Great information comes to all of us from within our thoughts, how we choose to use it makes all the difference in the world!

In thought we will always hear the perfect answer and may see the perfect vision, and it makes us feel the joy inside ourself. We receive the help we are searching for; to a better way. but much of the time it becomes a forgotten memory usually because we end up talking ourselves out of it. we will always hear the answers, and we will always have a choice, to accept or delete.

My daughter is twenty years old now, and she came  over to me and said "Dad you have to listen to these two songs, they both remind me of you, and i want them to be our father daughter songs at my wedding" as we listened to the songs together I understood the true meaning of them to her, and we both were crying with tears of joy coming from our hearts. It means the world to me knowing i have giv'in my daughter the greatest gift of love from her father, who i am so proud to be.

In my blog you can listen to the songs because there I have live activated links. the blog is called: the day a mind thought came to me that changed the course of destiny for my daughter 
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Jul 25, 2010