I Admit It...

My daughter is the most beautiful...the most wonderful...person I have ever met. I am honored to be her mother. I loved her from the moment she pushed her way into this world....she is my favorite person and the only person that I truly love with my heart, my soul....she is the only thing that matters to me.......she has always come first in my life...we have a bond that I can not articulate.

She is funny...kind...intelligent..quick...and common sense that was apparent from an early age. I wish she would have looked more like me...but she does have my blonde hair...my big, beautiful eyes...my long legs...my compassion for people...and most of all my strength.

I wanted to name her Regina...but her father didn't like it...if I knew then what I know now...I would have under minded him and gone with what I wanted. But the second name I chose is just as beautiful....she is my beautiful daughter. I love her! More than she will ever know...she is the last thing I want to see when I die...the last sound I want to hear.

I love you sweetpea

lilyofthenile lilyofthenile
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3 Responses Oct 19, 2008

Very touching and straight from a Mother's heart.

I think that you are in store for more and more wonderful times and memories to add to those you have already experienced. She is a lucky girl.

That's sweet!