My Wee Boy



My wee boy is 10 months. Hes beautiful, funny, charismatic and a wee smiler.

he has a genetic disorder which has been with my side of the family since god knows when.

If all goes normally, he will be mentally disabled.

When I found out his mum was pregnent I wasnt sure how to feel. I knew the implications of a child born from my family.

The missus was over the moon but to be honest, I didnt want him to come.

But hes here now and I couldn't imagine life without him.

we had an amniocentisis done at 3 months and they asked us if we wanted an abortion because they knew his condition.

To anyone out there whos had an amnio, although it might not be a good result, think of the little person who i nearly wanted killed.

Hes the light of my life, makes every day worth living and i hope if ur in the same situation i was in, you'll realise that its not about you and your girl anymore, theres a wee person waiting for yous.

Hope this helps.

You're not alone.

deckymcd deckymcd
26-30, M
1 Response Feb 27, 2010

I think that your story is indeed brave, inspiring and full of the best thing on this planet. 'Love,Love and more Love'.