My Girl Butch

When I started dating my boyfriend, his dog Kellie absolutely HATED my guts. I didn't have to get his parents approval, I had to get his dogs approval. After she almost snapped me in the face, we learned to respect one another. Now Kellie (or as we call her Butch) is my best friend. This dog is simply outstanding. Me and my boyfriend joke about how she's a war vet and she was born back in the 1800's, (because she's 12 years old lol.) This old girl can still take my boyfriend down and ALWAYS knows when I'm sad or lonely. And for how old she is, she still looks like a damn puppy. She's a mut; Shepperd, Huskey mix. I'm half tempted to make her a facebook account because of how popular she is :) lol.

Butch has been in my boyfriends life since he was in second grade, and in mine for 3 years. I love this dog and I always know she's got our backs. ;)
kaylamosh12 kaylamosh12
18-21, F
Jan 14, 2013