My husband spoils me. He gets up early to make sure I have coffee and breakfast. He kisses me as I leave for work. He does the dishes. He drives whenever we go anywhere together because I hate driving. He loves my cats.
He is the best friend I have ever had. And I am his. Sometimes it is overwhelming how much I love him, in so many ways. He listens to me sob out my woes. He builds me up. Does his best to make me smile or laugh all the time. He not only apreciates my eccentricities, but participates. He'll go get a different size shirt for me while I'm in the fitting room. He never pressures me.
We are so alike. We understand eachother in ways that it's just not possible to explain. He is the man of my dreams, even though I never let myself dream - so sure I was by age 28, that I'd never find anyone even close. (to some 28 seems young still, but when at 28, you've never even tasted love and happiness, it seems an eternity). We had both been through so much - and we recognized in eachother the deep soul. There is nothing I can't share with him. He sees to the very bottom of me and loves every inch.
We've been together about 5 years. And we've only had a handful of "disagreements" - calm, thoughtful voicings of opinions - sometimes followed by hugs and apologies. We are trying to have children. Have been trying for over a year, with failings that devasted both of us. Even if we have to adopt, or foster, we know we are going to spread this love and understanding and deep commitment with children.
I am a broken person. Most of my life I felt like the extra puzzle piece without a home. I never fit, while everyone around me snugged together and broke apart happily and easily. I found my mate. I'm not letting go.
cassia40 cassia40
31-35, F
May 25, 2012