I Am Hopelessly In Love.

We have our 11th year anniversary coming up pretty quick. I don't know how I got so lucky. To find a man that I can't ***** whip. That's pretty amazing. I am a Daddy's girl and my dad did a great job a building my self esteem and elevating my self image. I used to eat men up like candy and spit them out. Then I met HIM. My love, my Adonis. Calls me out on all my BS, the little lies too. He is not easily manipulated, tears don't even work most the time. But the sweet thing is he will always be a challenge. Never a moment of boredom in the bedroom either. When you think other women want your man it makes you want him more. It's the damn V-Rod Muscle he rides. It's so sexy. Almost as sexy as he is. He is well equipped. Gotta love that. But as I was saying 11 years? To me it feels like the first day all the time. Thank You God. I know you had to work hard making a man that could put up with me.
Dirtydux Dirtydux
31-35, F
Nov 30, 2012